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Owning a property is one thing and managing it is another; have you heard of someone selling their property simply because they are tired of the headaches that come with managing the property? Well, call us the clinic, the clinic that takes away your headache. Coupled with that, let’s not forget we live in a world where the need for specialization and professionalism is called for more often than not in property management. At Aderok we provide you both, we let you sit in the comfort of your home as we pull the strings, your role is to listen to the music.

What you Should expect from our Property management services

  1.  We shall help you find the best suitable tenants by marketing your property with professional photos and a clear description. If needed we can also make a walkthrough video to attract the right tenants.
  2. We shall draft an up-to-date rental agreement to protect you as a landlord in accordance with the Landlord-Tenants Act of Uganda. The rental agreement will be fair for all parties involved.
  3. We shall fix issues brought up by the landlord and tenant to make sure the property is in perfect condition to keep the tenants happy and the revenues high for the landlord.
  4. We shall also help you collect the rent, pay the outstanding maintenance bills, and arrange the utilities. If needed, we will start the debt collecting process when a tenant is behind on his payments.

Managing a property comes with a high level of information organization, that’s why we have incorporated the use of a cloud-based property management software that will help to maintain records on all of your properties, occupied units, track maintenance expenses, rent collections, etc. We intend to maintain a streamlined information sharing system so as to always avoid any misinformation and data loss. We are currently using Tenant-Cloud; Aderok and this is the link to our website where all vacant properties we manage are listed.

Key Points to note;-

  • An extensive search for the right tenant
  • Viewings guided by our agents
  • Fully drafted rental agreements
  • Property rental valuation
  • Professional photos and description
  • Professional inspection including photo report
  • Rent collection
  • Repair management
  • Routine inspections
  • The cloud-based management

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